Saturday, August 27, 2011

Haul and New Hair

Hello Lacquered Lovelies, 
I really should save all the new polishes I buy or get sent for one big haul like every two weeks out of the month or so. I really don't like posting a million hauls but I don't ever think that I will buy more and then 12 or so more polishes pop into my hands, I have a problem.
Today I made a trip to Ross to see what kind of Color Club sets they have because I have heard they carry the sets there for fairly cheap. I ended picking up 4 mini Color Club polishes sadly they don't have names and I can't find the packaging, I think my boyfriend accidently threw away the package SIGH. Anyway their is a dark purply grey color that has purple, blue, and silver sparkles, Then there is a plain silver color, a very nude pink color,  then a dusty light lilac color. I was searching for more when I ran across one single Essie called Forever Young which is a bright red, I have so many reds it isn't even funny but I can use the others for frankens now. 
Then I went to Walgreens because I knew they were having a sale on their Wet N' Wild nail polishes (or anything else that is originally $1.99). While I was there I picked up Party of Five Glitters, Blue Wants To Be A Millionaire, and FuchsiaRama. Then I was browsing their Sinful Colors display to see if they had any of the Adventure Island  Collection, sadly no they didn't but I may check the other Walgreens by my house. I would be really mad if I can't get these colors.  I did pick up Nirvana, Savage, and Soul Mate.
Sometime last week I picked up John Frieda's Foam Hair Dye in a deep red color and I took it to my sisters house and she dyed my hair for me. Let me say that foam hair dye is really weird and it claims not to be patchy but it is. I have to dye my hair again.

I think September is going to be a month of 30 Untried Nail Polishes, maybe even more. Look for that on Thursday 

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3


  1. Is fushiarama that Essie on the end that is berry colored? It is so yummy looking!!! I HATED the foam dye - felt like it took twice as long to apply for less then stellar results. Hope the redye goes better for you.

  2. FuchsiaRama is a Wet N' Wild color from their fast dry collection. That Essie is really a vibrant red similar to OPI's Cajun Shrimp or Wet N' Wild Everybody Loves Redmond.

  3. I bought that same color club mini set at Ross a while back. There aren't names on the package either. I got on color clubs fb page and they told me the color names. I'm Sorry I don't have them right here or I would just tell you.

  4. Awe don't be sorry I will find them out. Thank you though. I really need to see what other sets they have at my Ross here sometime soon. Thanks for the sweet comment @Sara <3 XOXO