Monday, August 1, 2011

Nail of the Day Not Your Everyday, Ombre.

I really don't do my nails everyday or week, it is more like every few days but since I have been wearing this nail look for about a week or so I figured why not. Every other week I am shipped off to my sisters house so I can watch her youngest. While I am there, I don't do much with my nails because 1.) So totally not my house and I don't get to do whatever I want (if I could sit and do nails all day trust me I totally would.) 2.) I don't have my own polishes there, thankfully my sister is who got me started on nails and has her own polishes. Her's are very comparable to my own. 3.) I just need a break sometimes.

For this NOTD I was inspired by two people my sister being one of them and my best friend Ashleigh. My sister has been doing these nails lately where she will do a "french" style manicure but she will use one color all over her nails and then at the base she will do a tip in a different color. These are then separated by a thin line of glitter. Then I topped it with Beauty Secrets Fast Dry Top Coat (blue one if you are wondering)

Both polishes are from Orly but the names came off. I do however have two colors that are very similar.

-Light purple would be Jasmine Jazz by Sinful Colors or Finger Paints Lilac Lagoon.
-Darker purple would be Lavender Highlight by Finger Paints.
-A thin line of a darker purple glitter Stripe Rite polish.
Sorry about the blurry images, my camera has been acting up :(

Enjoy yourself 
Pam <3

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