Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jelly Sandwich Thing

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
I have seen many do what is called a Jelly Sandwich, this is where you take a very sheer nail polish and apply a coat of it and then add a coat of glitter and then put the sheer coat over it again. The glitter is actually sandwiched in the center of the sheer polish. I have seen this done several times with different colors and different polishes.

I decided to give it a go. It came out really well. I like that you can barely see the true colors of the glitter it is all tinted to this red color. 

What I did
I applied three coats of my sheer "jelly" polish to my fingers, Then I added one coat of the glitter. Finally I used one more coat of the "jelly" polish to my nails.

What I used
Beauty Secrets Base Coat
OPI Big Hair...Big Nails
Wet N' Wild Party Of Five Glitters
INM Northern Lights (not shaken)

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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