Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sigma Complete Kit with Brush Roll Review.

Hello Lacquered Lovelies and Makeup Junkies,
I am reviewing Sigma's Complete Kit with Brush Roll. The kit comes with 7 eye brushes, 5 face brushes, and a free travel sized E25. The price for the kit now is $89 and that is without the brush roll but you can buy the roll or the brush cups for $20. Mine was $105 when I got it because the brush roll was included. I didn't buy my brushes though, they were sent to me through Luuux.com where I would blog about beauty related things and after time I had enough to purchase these through that website. 

Before this set I was using ELF and no name brushes. Cheap brushes that would get the job done. Since using these brushes I will never go back to those brushes. I have tried MAC brushes because of friends and these brushes compare to those very well. I think these ones are just as good as the MAC brushes. The Urban Decay Brush that I have compares very nicely too. Save your money buy these.

The kit includes 7 eye brushes; E05 Eyeliner, E30 Pencil, E40 Tapered Blending, E55 Eye Shading, E60 Large Shader,E65 Small Angle, and E70 Medium Angle Shading. Then there is 5 face brushes; F30 Large Powder, F40 Large Contour, F50 Duo Fibre, F60 Foundation, and F70 Concealer. Of course the free gift which is travel sized E25.

  • E05 Eyeliner is a synthetic bristle brush that I actually use for a lip lining brush. I really think that this kit would have benefited from a lip brush.
  • E30 Pencil is a natural bristle brush that I use for lining the lower lash line and precision color placement into the crease and other areas.
  • E40 Tapered Blending is a natural bristle brush that can be used to blend the crease or colors together.
  • E55 Eye Shading is a natural bristle brush that can be used to pack the color onto the lid.
  • E60 Large Shader is a natural bristle brush that can be used to create a nice wash of color all over the lid. Very similar to the E55
  • E65 Small Angle is a synthetic bristle brush that is great of applying cream eyeliner or a thin line along the lash line or on the water line. I use this to fill in my eye brows.
  • E70 Medium Angle Shading is a natural bristle brush that is great for applying color in the crease or blending the crease out a little.
  • F30 Large Powder is a natural bristle brush that is great for powder application. You can also use this for body bronzing.
  • F40 Large Angle Contour is a natural bristle brush that is used to apply blush and bronzer. I use it to contour all the time.
  • F50 Duo Fibre is a synthetic and natural bristle brush that can be used for light application of foundation, blush. bronzers, and highlighters. 
  • F60 Foundation is a  synthetic bristle brush that is used to apply foundation.
  • F70 Concealer is a synthetic bristle brush that is used to apply concealer. I actually use it to apply cream bases to my eyes.

  • E25 Blending is natural bristle brush that is great for blending and applying color. This is the travel sized brush.

I really love having these brushes, I do but I find that I only really grab for a few of them. The E25, E30, E65, F40 and the F70 are the brushes that are used the most. On occasion I will grab for E05 and E30. I think that if you are to buy the set that you make sure you are going to want to use them. Buying the set makes the brushes around $8 each rather than the individual prices of $9-$42 each. I think that it might be cheaper to go the individual way if you are only going to use a couple of the brushes. Or buy the kits that are made for certain parts of the face. There is a way to build your own kit too. 

I really love the quality of these brushes. I have had these brushes for almost 10 months, I got the brushes around my 20th birthday in Feb. There hasn't been any real shedding besides the little fall out here and there, nothing too drastic. My brushes are in the shape that I got them in, some  bristles are bent a little due to travel but nothing cleaning can't fix. (I will be doing a post on home made brush cleanser) 

I store these brushes in a glass container that I got from Big Lots not too long ago. I do have a few products that I use daily in there and a comb. If you read my makeup collection you will see where in my collection these are stored. 

Of course no review would be a Pam Review without the wishlist of products that I would love to get from the said company. I know I won't be able to get these all but it is a nice reminder.

  • Mr. Bunny Black Essential Kit
  • Sigmax Synthetic Essential Kit
  • Make Me Classy TRAVEL kit
  • Cleansing and Polishing Tool
  • Dry and Shape
  • Individual brushes F55, F05, F35, F10, F15, F45, F20, F35, E45, E25, E20,E15, E10, E50, E35,L05, and The Body Brush.
  • Heart Mirror in Pink Safari and Wild Pink
  • Maxbag in Black
  • Bare, Dare, and Flare Makeup Palettes.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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