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Holiday Gift Guide On A Budget

Hello Lacquered Lovelies and everyone else,
Today I am going to show you a holiday gift guide for those of us who don't have a lot of money. We all know how hard it is for to shop for other people when you are on a budget. I am going to show you a few gift ideas that would be great for those of you who are on a budget.

*Note any of these products can be swapped out for less expensive items or even more expensive items. It is all up to your budget*

Gender Neutral 
  • A set of gloves, a scarf, and ear muffs. You can personalize colors, textures, or even patterns depending on who you are getting this for. I am sure that anyone will love this idea.
  • Fleece pajama bottoms or pajama sets. Again you can personalize it to fit each persons style. I have gotten this a couple of times within the last couple of Christmases.
  • Chocolate or Holiday Candy or Cookies. 
  • Home baked goods this is a good way to show your love by baking people in your family something truly personalized.
1.) Spa Gift Sets, you can buy these pre-made or you can put these together yourself. Idea- Shower caddy filled with items such as soft socks, a festive Holiday scented perfume, Holiday scented lotion, Holiday scented hand sanitizer, and a Holiday scented candle. I used purple as my main color in this gift set. You can use tissue paper or fabric to fill the bottom in this case I used a piece of purple fabric. Then I used two pairs of soft purple socks, I actually got these two years ago as a gift but I don't really like things around my ankles, do they make ankle high (no show) fuzzy socks? Then I had last years Twisted Peppermint body spray from Bath and Body Works, I actually don't own a Holiday scented lotion so I just used something I did have which is PS I Love You by Bath and Body Works. Holiday Lipgloss- Winter Candy Apple and C.O. Bigelow Cinnamon. Finally I added a Glade Candle in Sugar Plum Fantasies which was also from last years Christmas Collection.

2.) Sweater, pants, and sock gift set. Like above you can buy these already made for you or you can put them together yourself. Here I made a set with a shower caddy filled with a sweater, sweat pants, and fuzzy socks. I used Terry Cloth sweat pants and a Terry Cloth sweater and wrapped the two together. Then I used the same set of socks from the first set. You can personalize this to fit anybodies style. 

3.) Makeup Gift Set. Here I used a plastic container and put items such as blush, eye primer, eyeshadow, mascara, kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, chap stick, lipstick, lip gloss and blotting paper. You can add a blush brush and eyeshadow brush  in the center, then when you are done with that I would take a couple of pieces of clear colored Christmas wrapping paper and put the plastic box in the center. Gathering the edges and pulling them over the gift making a little "bag", then add some ribbon around the top to seal it all together. I used ELF Blush and Bronzing Duo, ELF Eyelid Primer, ELF Eyeshadow quad- Drama, ELF Mascara, ELF Eyeliner, Wet N' Wild Mega Liner, EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop, Wet N' Wild Mega Shine Lipstick, ELF 2-in-1 Lipgloss, and ELF Blotting Paper. ELF also makes a really good angled blush brush and an eyeshadow brush. All of these items are under $7

4.) Nail Polish Gift Sets. You will need a glass container, I used a square one. Inside I filled the bottom up with cotton balls. I picked two nail polishes and one top coat. Behind that I put an orange stick, nail file, cuticle removers, cuticle removing gel, cuticle salve, and a brush. I used OPI's Keys To My Karma (red), OPI's Black Shatter ( I could see a silver or gold in its place but I wanted to use the same brand), Seche Vite, and I put Sally Hansens Gel Cuticle Remover in there. The brush is to help with cleaning up. When all of these items are taken out the person who received this gift could use the container as a water marble container. I would suggest a card describing what all of the items are used for and how to water marble. If you got a bigger container you could add more items into it. As above you could use the same wrapping style. I would love to receive this with three Deborah Lippmann polishes instead of the two polishes and top coats. 

5.) Another Nail Gift Set. You can use the same type of container as above. In this one I should have filled the bottom with cotton balls as I did with the last one. In fact if I was giving someone this I would just give them this set and the one above. In this set I put the Salon Express Stamping Kit that I just reviewed. Then I added a rhinestone wheel and a polish that I have been using for stamping this polish is a striping brush polish. This kit is great for anyone who wants to try stamping but isn't sure they will like it because there is only 5 plates. I would love to receive this gift set without the stamper and scraper and the plates could be replaced with two Bundle Monster sets 

Now I am not an expert on what men would like to receive but I know what I am going to give some of the men in my family this year. I don't have pictures of these or else I would show you! Sorry.
1.) A Cologne Gift Set, personally I would buy these because I am pretty sure they don't want anything like the fuzzy socks LOL. If you were to get them something like this and wanted to personalize it then you could do the same as the SPA set for the females. Put all of the items in a shower caddie and add something else like a men's AXE or some other loofah. Maybe a razor and shaving gel. 

2.) Movies, you can never go wrong with movies. I would say ask the people around the certain guy if they could snoop around and see if this person doesn't have the certain movie(s) that you are planning on getting them. Then once you know they don't have the movie(s) you wanted to get them go out and buy it. I would add a bag of popcorn and some candy and wrap them together. Then on top of the gift tape two or more movie tickets to the gift wrapping or place these inside of a card. You can skip this set as well.

3.)Books. Like above you can just buy him a few and then attach a gift card to a book store. Same as above you can skip the gift card step. Or if you wanted to you could get him a nice sweater and inside of the sweater you could wrap the book up.

4.) This could be tied into the two previous ideas but  buying the guy a CD and a set of head phones. The way I would wrap these is kind of making the ribbons out of the headphones but not really putting them in harm. 

I don't have any kinds of my own but I am an aunt and my boyfriend is an uncle. Kids are apart of our family. I am not sure how to present these presents.
1.) Toy Cars
2.) Legos
3.) Video Games
4.) Books

1.) Barbies
2.) Zoo Zoo Pets/Littlest Pet Shop
3.) Video Games
4.) Board Games

Like I said some of these things can be substituted to fit your price range. Below are some ideas for people who rather just buy things and not have to go into details about each gift.

I really like some of the gift sets that they are putting out in the stores like...
1.) Sephora Fragrance Sampler $50 Sample a few fragrances and then at the end there is a card that you fill out good for one big size perfume
2.) Too Faced In Your Dreams Palette $39
3.) Sephora Best Of Sephora Collection Skincare $24
4.) OPI Glimmer Wonderland Mini Set. $48
5.) Men The Art Of Shaving 4 Elements of The Perfect Shave $10

1.)Ulta Complete Color Collection (Makeup) $24.99
2.) Ulta Holiday Travel Collection (Makeup) $19.99
3.) Ahava The Gift Of Delight Set $25
4.) Butter London Heavy Metal Trio (online) $36
5.) Men- Jack Black Pure Science Jet Set Travler $25

1.) Sigma The Cities Brush sets $59-$89
2.) Sally Hansen Holiday Sets 3 for $9.99
3.) Body and Earth Mens Gift Set from Sally's $15
3.) Cracked Glow in The Dark Set From Hot Topic $12.50
5.) Hello Kitty or Invadeer Zim wooden jewelry box from Hot Topic $22.50 each.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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