Friday, December 9, 2011

Seche Vite vs. Out the Door.

Dear Lacquered Lovelies,
This is going to be my post on what top coat I think is better. I am going to compare and contrast each top coat. Find the flaws, the goods, the bads, and the uglies.

I am going to start with drying time then I am going to talk about shrinkage, wear time, shine, and price. Please take into consideration that this is my opinion and everyone is intitled to one. Yours may be different than mine. You may not like any of these top coats if you try them.

Drying time is amazing with both polishes. I notice more with Seche that I can touch it almost instantly without it smudging which is great for me because I like to be able to do things once I have my nails done. With OTD if I touch my nails after I paint it (give it like half of a minute or a minute) it is still wet and will ripple the polish. SV will be completely dry in about 2 to 5 minutes which is great for anyone who is on a time schedule. OTD takes a little longer like 5 to 10 minutes which is still great since there are other top coats that take longer. I also notice little scratches and indents in OTD the next day or a few hours after I apply it. I make sure that I am really careful when wearing it, not to touch my nails on anything or it will retain little marks.

Shrinkage is something that SV is notorious for.shrinking at the tips of the nails or even around the cuticle area. OTD hasn't ever given me problems with shrinkage but I have heard someone say they have. I actually don't mine the shrinkage because it acts as a force field for my nails. I also change my nails within a day or a few.

Wear time with both of these polishes is great. I was able to wear SV for a week straight with very minimal wear, a little chips at the tips. I notice that if I try to peel the nail polish off it will pull the top coat off but leave the polish underneath. With OTD I was able to wear it for 3 to 4 days which is better for a top coat for me since I tend to be tough on my nails and I have a problem with chipping. I also usually change my nails every day or every few days.

SV wins the shine factor here, no doubt about that. OTD is a little more dull and I am not sure if it is because it doesn't dry as fast as SV. I would say that OTD is right behind it. I think it is because SV is a thicker formula than OTD. 

Price for SV can range from $5 to $10, you have to be willing to search for a good deal and when you do I would say stock up when it is under $6 or in a pack. OTD is usually under $7 at all times unless you are buying the Northern Lights which is the same top coat only will small holographic silver or golden glitters. I own the silver NL and have compared it to the regular and it is the same. 

Other things you might want to know. SV has Toluene which is a harmful chemical that can cause birth defects or other reproductive issues, so use with caution. I have no problem using it because I don't plan on having children anytime soon or ever for that matter. OTD's sticker makes it really hard to see how much product you have left, this can be rectified by taking the sticker off, who needs it anyway? The bottles are the same in fact if they didn't have tags I would only know the other one from the other because of the logos on the top. 

For the base color I am wearing Essie's Case Study which is brown taupe-y greige color. I actually don't own this, I painted my nails at WalMart to see if I would like it, I DO!!! I have SV on my pinkie and my middle finger. I have OTD on my ring and index fingers. 

Funny thing is, I actually love both but Seche Vite is a little higher up in ranking. I will continue to wear Out The Door because it is a good top coat. Psst.... Rihanna's Photographs is a really good song been listening to it will I type this out.

Thanks for reading. Please feel free to comment and follow me :) Have a really good day 

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3


  1. i feel like SV is a tad bit more shiny, but i hate the shrinkage. so i'm sticking with OTD. thanks for comparison post!

  2. wow! im a SV whore! i love that stuff! oncei found out about SV i never went back. but now that im bloggin im trying to find my goto top coat for regular swatches. nice comparison though and i didnt know sv could cause birth defects and such =| learned something new!

  3. really great post! personally, I can get over the shrinkage from seche. for me, it's the best. I didn't know it had toluene in it, however.. :/

  4. just found your blog. i have been trying to decide on a new top coat since ive just started with nail art and this post was super helpful since these were the exact 2 that had been suggested to me and im going shopping this afternoon! thanks for the great pros and cons!!!