Monday, August 1, 2011

Nail Polish Storage :)

Since this is a blog about anything nail I figured a lot of people are going to be eager to see what I am working with.Note I am not trying to brag in anyway, I know I love looking at collections so that is why I am posting it.
All of my nail polish fits into two Sterlite plastic shoe boxes, but as you can see from the second bin I need more. I was just in this place, I had to go out and buy the second box that was around 3 or 4 months ago.
In the first bin you can see that I have organized it by brand and by color. So I have my "higher end" polishes in this bin which includes OPI, China Glaze, Orly, Finger Paints, etc. Oh how I wish I had Butter London or Deborah Lippmann <3.
In the second I have a lot of drugstore brands like Wet N' Wild, Revlon, Sally Hansen, Sinful Colors, Pure Ice, etc. I have tried to organize this one but since it has a lot of polishes and is a tad bit over flowing I just gave up. This one also smells heavily of polish.
I love to store my polishes right side up because this makes it so the polishes can't leak or "glue" themselves shut.
The purple dotted basket was the first thing I used to hold all of my polishes. As you can see I only had a few. This was back in November of 2010. I am looking back and just awed about how much I have grown. Then I had the plastic shoe box that is below you can see that I did get a few more.

Next I have the two baskets that I had used before the two shoe boxes came along. In the first basket I have all of my top coats, nail art stripers, acrylic paints, thinner, rhinestones and brushes.
Then lastly I have the basket that holds all of my color wheels which I will include in a different post. You can find those at Sally's Beauty Supply for around $5. It has my acetone and non-acetone nail polish removers. I also put all of my acrylic stuff in there. I do acrylic nails on other people not me, I personally don't like acrylic nails, they look cheap to me.

Wow this is a long post. I am sorry it is such a long one. I would sit down and write all the names out but that would be over 100 polishes to go through. One day I will sit down and make it a point to do just that. If you have a question about a color or if you would like to know the name please just ask me and I will be sure to answer.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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