Tuesday, August 23, 2011

China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise

China Glaze Turned Up 
TurquoiseWow is all I can say. China Glaze's Turned Up Turquoise absolutely amazing. This was actually my second China Glaze ever.
Turned Up Turquoise (TUT) was released with the Wow Factor collection in I want to say 2008 but has been made a part of their permanent line along with a lot the other 5 colors ( Shocking Pink, Pink Voltage, Purple Panic, In The Lime Light, and Orange Knock Out, all of which I would love to get to complete the collection).
Sunlight with Flash
  This polish can be a little patchy or difficult to apply but I have found that if you load the brush up really well and work with slow long swipes rather than fast you will get it to apply. This polish will dry matte or as I have heard others say satin. I suggest using two coats. With matte's or satin finishes the wear time is very short and chipping is most likely going to happen. What I would do is put a top coat on and then let that dry then put a matte (if I had one I would) top coat on top of that to ensure wear time.
Lamp (Top Coat on half of the nail)

I definitely don't mind this polish although I wish that matte finishes wouldn't chip as easily. In fact I wish they would adhere to the nail more than it does.

Enjoy yourself

Pam <3


  1. Oh goodness I love me a good matte - I never have my polish on long enough to worry about chipping so I may need to go find this lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  2. It is a pain to apply but such a lovely colour