Friday, November 25, 2011

Pam's Christmas Wishlist.

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,

*Note by posting this I am not asking for hand outs or pleads. I love reading or watching others  wishlist posts for a certain Holiday or event. Some of these things I could live without but I just like the idea of having them
Money- I know this makes a gift really impersonal but if I receive money I can ensure that my gift is well planned out. I actually ask for this every year from my family. It is nothing against them I just CAN'T find anything that I want from them at that certain time. With the money I can get the following things without any trouble. 
  1. A new cellphone, mine is starting to break and have defects. The one I have been looking at is the Samsung Messenger Touch for Cricket services. I really like the white color they have, I think that will show scratches less than the black. The phone is $80 so that is the only fall back and then on top of that it will be $15 to add the phone to my number. 
  2. Melmer from Michael's Craft Store for my nail polishes. Most of the time these are $15.
  3. Prepaid credit cards.
  4. Amazon Gift Card for Bundle Monster Plates (set 2) and a stamper.
  5. Ulta, Sally's, and Sephora Gift Cards.
  6. Konad sets but these are really expensive and I would rather go with Bundle Monster

In the end it all comes back to money because I am really picky with certain things. I can honestly tell you that I probably won't get money though..... It is the thought that counts and I don't want to be greedy this Holiday Season since I am starting to grow up and these things aren't that important later on in life.

I hope you all get everything you want this year. I hope warmth and peace fills all of your hearts. 

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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