Saturday, September 24, 2011

Small Haul

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,

Yesterday when shopping for food, I ran across the On The Prowl collection from Wet N' Wild. I begged my boyfriend for $10, which it didn't even come to :P LOL. I got 6 nail polishes, 4 from the On The Prowl collection and 2 from the Wicked Sweet collection. 
I got
-Correction Tape
-Tangled in My Web
-Behind Closed Doors
-Cougar Attack
-Raspberry Rush
-Gimme a Grape Big Kiss

I love the new glitters from Wet N' Wild, they are great. Too bad they are limited edition, GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!!! I picked mine up from Fred Meyers at 2 for $3. 

Correction Tape is similar to Party Of Five Glitters, only CT has pink, blue, silver and black hex, square, and circular glitters, whereas POFG is red, pink, green, and silver glitters. 

Tangled In My Web is a clear based polish with black hex glitters.

Behind Closed Doors is a black based polish with bright red glitter. Small round glitter and larger hex.

Cougar Attack is a brown based polish jam packed with orange glitter. 

The Wicked Sweet collection was released in the summer and since then my Fred Meyer's had decided to mark the prices down to $1.59 which is an amazing $7.41 mark down. I will surely be going back for more. I have a stash at Fred Meyers hidden with nail polish just for me LOL, no one will ever know well not unless you live near me... Shh. 

Raspberry Rush is a pink-y magenta. Cream finish of course. Scented like raspberries. 

Gimme a Grape Big Kiss is a purple, more of a neon. Cream again. Scented like you guessed it... grape.

I would like to get more Halloween nail colors especially from Sally's... That would make my day. I need a job to be able to do that first.

BE sure to check Fred Meyers for the On The Prowl collection they also have the cute little pumpkins and other Wet N' Wild limited edition products. Like I have said in the past, they mark the products down tremendously. 

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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  1. Great haul. Now you have more to add to your untried list haha! I wanted Tangled In My Web so bad! I am glad you found it!