Friday, September 16, 2011

30 Untrieds Day 16

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
I seriously can't believe I am half way through this, I have got exactly 14 days to go. This is a really good challenge for myself, I can get through this. 

Again sorry for posting later in the day but as it gets later in the year here it gets darker, So I wait for the sun to be completely out. 

Today I have two nail polishes. I did one color through out my nails and then went in with a glitter accent nail. Classic right? 
ELF's Medium Red is a blue based red with a cream finish. It takes two coats for the polish to be opaque. This one isn't like it's sister (Coral--Day 7), I don't mind this color or the polish. In fact the polish applied great, dried in a nice time, and hasn't chipped yet. But it still has the opportunity to chip since the day isn't over. ELF can be found at Target and for $1.
Wet N' Wild Sparked is a pink-y red glitter, with dark pink, light pink and silver glitter. This glitter could be worn all by itself and could be opaque in one coat. I absolutely love it with the red. I fear this one will chip before the other one. Wet N' Wild can be found almost anywhere for around $.65- $1. 

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3