Sunday, September 18, 2011

30 Untrieds Day 18

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Phew I am almost done with this... Yay. I think I am going to post a review on Sigma Brushes and The Naked Palette even though everyone and their mothers has heard of both of them. I may do a little look book with the Urban Decay Naked Palette, 4 or 5 looks at most. 

Today I am wearing two polishes from Sinful Colors, I think Sinful Colors is starting to become my favorite nail polish brand. It is so cheap and is a really great brand. The quality of the polishes are so nice, I compare them a lot to China Glaze. I like that I can buy three to four polishes to the price of one China Glaze or OPI. They have sales a lot too so sometimes I like to pick up more when they are on sale. 

Today I have Out Of This World, which is a silver with multi colored Glitter. It is a very sheer and needs about 4 coats to be opaque. Or you can layer it over another silver or white color. I like the color and I am not sure why I covered it with the other color.
Then I have Green Ocean over the OOTW which is a greenish clear polish with green, teal and  rusty orange flakies. Ohhh pretties. I don't like how it gave my nails a green tint to them. Made me think of algae. I am going to do an under the sea look with this polish some day.

I can imagine that removal is going to be a pain.
Enjoy Yourself
Pam <3

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