Friday, September 2, 2011

30 Untrieds Day 2

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Day two of my untrieds, yipe. Before I talk about the polish I am wearing today, I want to share with you that the polish from yesterday smelt just as good taking it off as it did when I was taking it off. It gave the remover the scent of lemon dish soap. 
Today I am wearing yet another color that I just recently picked up. Now I am going to tell you something about this polish, I don't like it. It is a jelly, but is even worse than a jelly more of a tint you could say. I can see through it really well so I tried layering another coat on it and waited for them to dry and added another, so there is 3 coats, yes 3. I had to add 2 more just to get it as you see in the photo. In real life I can still see through the polish and now it is more of a jelly. It also makes the nail line very visible through the polish but it gives it a black line when I know my nails are clean. I'm not whining I mean after all it was only a dollar.
Now for layering this polish this would be great or even frankening! I think I may Jelly Sandwich out of this polish.
Wet N' Wild's FuchsiaRama was the choice for the day because it is a brighter color in the bottle, however on the nails this could pass as a fall color. It is a jelly dark red/ pink toned purple so a magenta or fuchsia. This is apart of their Fast Dry collection and is named after Futurama which is one of my favorite shows. This is a fast drying nail polish but once it is dry it bubbles. I absolutely hate bubbles. 
I guess you can't beat the price for normally $1.99 and on sale for $.99. I got mine for $.99 on sale at Walgreens, The sale is still going on and will be for a little longer.
Well that is it for today I am happy about this 30 Untrieds for September. If you would like to do it please feel free to do it too.
Enjoy yourself

Pam <3

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  1. Such a pretty polish. Sorry you had so many issues with it! Make a jelly sandwich!