Friday, September 30, 2011

30 Untrieds Day 30!!!!

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
I am glad to say it is over and that I can give my nails a break for a day or so. Most likely won't, haha. I want to say thank you for sticking with me while I did this because I really needed to. I wanted to do a closing post and I may still do that but I am not sure yet. If I do I will be sure to add polishes that I still need to try out. Thank you to everyone who has and will comment on my posts it means everything. Now on to today's polish. 

Orly's Galaxy Girl is a purple with bright blue glitters. Very similar to Halley's Comet. This is from the Cosmic FX collection which you can still find at Ulta or at least mine and mine is fairly new. This polish goes for $10 but if you took a $3.50 coupon into Ulta you could get it for $6.50 which is pretty good. You can also find it online. I actually won mine <3.

LA Splash Crackle'D in Broken Heart'd is very bright cream pink crackle. Very similar to China Glaze's Crackle in Broken Hearted. Haha same name. This polish was purchased from my Fred Meyer for around $5. I am sure you can still find it somewhere but my Fred Meyer is sold out. I only added this to my tips to show the true beauty of Galaxy Girl. 

I plan on getting more crackles but I am not sure if I like them. It will be like in the 90's were they stopped selling after awhile. Maybe my Fred Meyer will have them on sale because I still see a couple of different brands of crackle. 

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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