Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Untrieds Day 17

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Today I am wearing Ulta's Downtown Diva which is a dark almost black, purple. My boyfriends sister even said "Ew you are wearing black", She doesn't like black. This was opaque in one thick coat, I did two just to make sure though. This polish is a pain the butt to clean around the cuticles, I swear I used 3 pointed q-tips to clean around them and that was one hand.  This dried within five minutes and that is without a top coat, I find wearing a top coat is hard when doing these untrieds because it uses up a lot of top coat. I find that the formula is similar to OPI or China Glaze. 

I am not one to wear really dark polishes on my fingers, toes maybe. I don't like how small it makes my finger nails look. I really don't like taking the polish off either because it will either stain my nails, go into my cuticles, or get all over my skin and make my skin sticky, dirty, or even stained. I just hate all aspects of darker nail polish.

My Ulta had recently just opened and as part of their free gifts that they do every once in awhile this was apart of it. I am surprised because these polishes retail for $7.50 at any Ulta location and online. So to get it free was very nice. I don't like the small little brush I prefer OPI's or Sally Hansens InstaDri. The bottle is very sleek/ modern looking, professional if you will, The bottles "handle" is rubberized which makes it easier for you to hold. It reminds me of a NARS or Claires/Icing bottle. Which reminds me their is a Claires right next to my Ulta so I maybe stopping in there someday when the polish fund is back up.

Enjoy yourself

Pam <3

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