Friday, October 28, 2011

Small Haul

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Yesterday I went to Sally's deciding to break some cash, bad idea haha! I had my eye on a few  things and some where impulse buys.

The big thing that I wanted was Seche Vite, now I know there is a controversy over Seche and I am fully aware of the side effects.  But that SHINE! It is better than anything I have ever seen before, INM, Poshe, anything.

I bought The Seche Support Awareness set which has the Seche Vite, China Glaze Go Go Pink which I actually adore, and a little angle key ring. I love buying things for breast cancer awareness because they are so cute and girly. This set cost me $8.99 which I have seen Seche go for that much alone so getting the other two free is a good deal.

Next is Orly's Rock Solid, now I wouldn't have bought this if I would have remembered the price tag. I don't like the price of them. I think it was around $7 or $8. I am glad I did though because it is like China Glazes Fairy Dust on crack.

Then I needed another base coat because mine is almost out and starting to get a little thicker than I had hoped it would be.  The one I normally get is Beauty Secrets Base Coat. I like their new packaging, the old packaging pissed me off a lot.

Lastly I picked up some glitter because of my Halloween costume. It is the Sally's Girl Glitter in Gleaming Green, which is a neon green colored glitter that shines to be yellow and green. You will see how I used it in my post when I post it. 

With a recent decision I may be getting my babysitting job back which would make me employed full time and that would mean that I would bring in a full income which means that I would be more inclined to make more hauls and keep up with nail collections. Like I would love to do. I need to get a better storage system for my polishes because as of right now I am in two plastic shoe boxes and an overflow into a basket which is filled to the top and all of my polishes are set sideways in this basket.  I am thinking the Melmer from Michael's or even looking around at some different stores like Bed Bath and Beyond. Maybe you can tell me some storage ideas.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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  1. lol it's like fairy dust but on crack! nice haul! i wanted to get that polish & top coat set, but didn't find it at my Sallys.