Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick Pink Wednesday

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Today I decided to do something different. It is Wednesday after all. I wanted to hold on to the Halloween nail art but I am still holding on to brighter colors and not such deep nail art. 
OPI My Address is Hollywood is my base color, It is a medium pink with a darker fuchsia shimmer, some have said gold as well but I am not sure. I used this color in my 30 Untrieds.
Max 2012 Crackle in Innocence is just a white crackle. I have wanted one for so long, so I am excited to actually own one. I got 10 crackles in all from 2012, I plan on keeping 6 and GIVING AWAY 4. I will be doing a giveaway at either 150 or 200 followers, Yes I know I have a while to go before I get that many, I just have to work myself up.
China Glaze Crackle in Tarnished Gold is a foil-y gold crackle. I bought this because I had seen the Sally Hansen one on someone but I didn't want to spend the amount on S.H. when I could buy this one for the same price at Sallys. I did layer a top coat between, if you don't they won't crackle on top of each other. 
I had originally done this design with Revlons Minted, Max 2012 Innocence, and China Glazes Tarnished Gold, Personally I liked that combo a lot better.
I am brewing something up for the up coming holiday, so keep your eyes out for that. It has taken me awhile to come up with this certain series. I hope you all like it! Expect the opening on Sunday, October 16th and it will run until Monday, October 31st. So two weeks.
 I didn't realize that I have taken such a long break and for that I am sorry, I am sick and the 30 Untireds really was draining on me. I have reviews planned for 3 things that will take place within the next week. One is nail related and the other two are makeup related. 

Keep a look out for the exciting things to come.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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