Saturday, October 1, 2011

Nail Mail Round 3 and Haul

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
I wanted to do two separate posts to show case the different polishes I picked up. I worked today and got $20 so I figured why not? I also was sent something from SamBeauty for winning OlivaMakeupChannels giveaway, she has a blog and a youtube.

In the mail I received 10, 2012 Max Makeup by Cherimoya Cracked nail polishes, all random. I think whoever packed this really must have loved pinks and purples because that is the bulk of what I got. I may add some of these into my first giveaway which I might do around 150-200 followers ( I have a ways to go )

-Eternity (black)
-Innocence (white)
-Genesis (darker purple)
-Apostles (lighter purple more neon)
-Fault Line (dark red)
-Medusa (shimmery lighter red)
-Memories (a medium pink/red)
-Extinction (a brown pinky color)
-Pandemic (nude ish pink)
-Purgatory (baby pink)

Lastly I went back to my Fred Meyer to see if they still had any of the On The Prowl collection, they did. I also got more clearance items <3

-Buy Me A Drink by Wet N' Wild
-Jungle Fever by Wet N' Wild
-Yum Gum by Color Club
-Glitter Envy by Color Club

I think I am going to go to Ulta because tomorrow they start their buy two get one free on their Revlon (Maybelline, Almay, Rimmel, and La Splash)  and it seems as if the new glitters will be there. Also Ulta brand polishes are 2 for $6, Pixels are 2 for $4, OPI has buy two get a top coat or base coat free, and Butter London is buy 2 get one free! Good Sales!!!

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3 

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