Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halloween Challenge Wednesday

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Happy Witches Poison Wednesday, I didn't actually know what to do today... I remembered that I had previously did a witch earlier in October. Why not do her poison?  On my pinkie, middle, and index fingers is her poison. On my thumb and ring finger is cross bones and a skull. 

I used Color Club Yum Gum, Raspberry Rush, and Gimme A Grape Big Kiss for the gradient and art work. Then the little black dots are Tangled In My Web by Wet N' Wild, I picked the glitter out and placed it where I wanted.

That is all for today :) Sorry it looks so nasty around my cuticles this cold air got to me today and I was in a rush.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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