Saturday, October 15, 2011

Revlon Glitters.

Hello Lacquered Lovelies,
Revlon released these in August and ever since they have become the in thing right now. There are three of these glitters and initially I was only going to buy two out of the three. There is 051 Starry Pink, 934 Blue Mosaic, and 940 Facets Of Fuchsia, now I am not 100% sure why they jump around in numbering but it is an interesting aspect. I was thinking that these may have been toned down since it is in the fall time that they released these but surprisingly they are bright with the exception of Facets of Fuchsia.

Starry Pink is a baby pink almost on the lilac side. It is very murky or dusty. The glitter is a silver glitter that is a mix between small circular glitter and larger hexagonal glitter. The only sad thing is with the murky base the glitters kind of get lost, it is hard to find them.

Blue Mosaic is clear base with different colored glitter. There is light blue, small, round glitters, Big hexagonal silver, baby blue, and green glitters. This one is very unique. Since it is in a clear base I recommend using it over something else. Although you can layer tons of coats to achieve opaqueness with this alone. It is my favorite out of the bunch.

Lastly Facets Of Fuchsia and the most widely talked about. This is a black based jelly with bright fuchsia glitter. The glitter is actually small round glitters and larger hexagonal glitters. This is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Bad Romance which is based off of Lady Gaga's song. I would love to say this is my favorite because of it's diverseness but I find it to be kind of bland. LOL I am not sure how to describe it.

The best place to buy these would be at Target because the price tag is fairly cheaper there at $3.79. Also with Target you can always find coupons. I actually purchased mine at Ulta when they were having their buy two get one free deal going on, plus I had a $5 off of a $10 purchase together I purchased all of the glitters for $5. Got to be smart when shopping. 

Do you have these polishes, Do you plan on getting them, What is your favorite(s)?

Stay tuned for my up coming series for Halloween, it will be different and kind of a cute idea. :D

Sorry for my crummy pictures, I like to take them during the day when the sun is out but the sun really hasn't been out much were I live.

Enjoy yourself
Pam <3

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  1. Oh.. I just bought a Revlon Red 680 nail polish. It's really good. In fact, i just blogged about it. Anyway, I bought mine for $5.14. :-) Those glitters that you have there is not yet available here in my country..